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New tax credit for home renovation

The amount of the tax credit corresponds to 20% of the portion of an individual’s eligible expenses that exceeds $3,000, up to a maximum tax credit of $2,500 per eligible dwelling.

LE DOMAINE SHERWOOD – SHANNON : Exclusivity agreement concluded in 2013 between KxK Habitation and Groupe Constructeur Design to install Euroshield’s products.

Edith Dumais was Board member of APCHQ - Quebec Region (for specialized contractors)

Groupe Constructeur Design Official Partner : Sustainable Roofing and Corporate Member of Ecohabitation

Professional-quality rain gutter leaf guard and revolutionary continuous hanger. The Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System keeps leaves and debris from getting inside and clogging the eavestroughs.

Low-Slope Roofing Advanced Asphalt Roofing Systems Delivering Lifelong Protection

Best in class warranty programs.


Bad weather conditions, long hardy winters and excessive winds have come to terms with your roofing system. Do not wait too long before insuring the replacement and repair of your roofing surface. This concern has to be at the top of your list. You have to look at this from an investment point of view and not just an expense.

Water infiltration will cause prejudice to your home, goods and personal belongings. And this will add significant cost to your loss, not mentioning that you will have to repair your ceilings, perhaps your wood floors, insulation, etc.

Unfortunately, we often wait too long and end up dealing with this situation in an urgent manner, after an important rainstorm. Water is coming in from the chimney, the ceiling and panic sets in. But the worst is probably happening in the attic – mold and rot.

For these reasons, you have to invest in your roof, in order to limit your damages and liable expenses. Call upon GCD’s roofing team to solve your roofing problems and concerns.

Groupe Constructeur Design offers all services related to the repair and waterproofing of sloped roofs :

  • Roof structure and roof decking
  • Shingles or other weatherproof roofing material
  • Slope modifications and adjustments
  • Ventilation in the attic and creation of an air chamber for cathedral structures
  • Construction of turrets, small roofs over decks and entrances, etc
  • Flashing, soffite and fascia replacement and installation
  • Etc

Euroshield products offer a weatherproof roofing system made from recycled matter. They are long-lasting, ecological, ecosensitive and offer you the opportunity to cumulate LEED points on your ecohabitat projects. (visit : and

Our roofing team at Toitures Design offers specialized installation services of Euroshield products and/or any other type of roofing products (Euroshield, BP, Soprema, GAF, metal roofing and IKO).

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Sooner or later, every roof needs to be replaced, usually due to the long-term effects of weathering. If a residential roof is more than 20 years old, it is a prime candidate for reroofing. To determine if you need a new roof:

On the ground, walk around your home with binoculars and inspect your roof for cracked, curled or missing shingles, as well as any excessive loss of the protective mineral granules. DO NOT CLIMB ON THE ROOF; walking on the roof is dangerous and can damage your roof.

In your attic, take a flashlight and look at the underside of the roof deck and rafters for any stains or wet spots indicating water leaks.

Asphalt shingles can often be applied directly over existing roofs without the necessity of tearing off the old roof. However, new shingles can not be properly applied over hard or brittle materials, uneven surfaces for nailing or roof decks with warped, rotted or unsound support that should first be replaced or repaired.

Some local ordinances forbid reroofing over two or more layers of shingles. If a home already has been shingled several times, it is important to first determine if the roof deck can support another layer of shingles before undertaking any re-roofing project.

Algae growth is typically seen on light colored shingles. It exists as a brown to black discoloration of the shingle and is caused by an algae known as Gloeocapsa. Although algae may exist on a shingle, it does not affect the performance of the shingle. Essentially, this is an aesthetic problem

Long black streaks can be seen on the slopes of roofs that normally point north or that are in the shade because of large trees or other obstacles that leave little light pass. The shingle is then less exposed to sunlight, the slope of the roof is more humid, a few degrees cooler in the shade. Result, algae form on this part of the roof for the same reasons.

It is wrong to believe that the pale shingles are among the causes, the pale shingle only make them more visible.

You can not really eliminate the problem by changing shingle, since the problem is closely connected with the location of the slope and degree of sun exposure. Aesthetically, it is best to take a darker when renovating your roof because long-term future algae growth will be less apparent shingle.


Your home has a 3/12 slope or less? Then, it is not recommended to install regular asphalt shingles. For this reason, we suggest:


This waterproof system, developed by Soprema, is safe with zero risk of fire hazard, compared to other flat roof products installed with a blowtorch. This product was specifically marketed to eliminate the fire hazard on low slop roofs.


We are happy to answer to your roofing needs.

We invite you to surf to Soprema’s web site and find out more about this product. Soprema

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Partners and membership

The construction industry , being a highly regulated environment, involves the participation of many organizations to ensure the legality and compliance of contractors and construction employers in Quebec.

You can find the names of organizations that have been involved in starting this business and also in the operation and continuity of its activities.

Of course , depending on our management choices, some organizations may vary but we must meet our obligations to each of them.

With their permission, you can click on their link to go directly to their website and find some very interesting information on the construction industry.
Happy surfing!

Note: only those organisms for which we have received permission to their website are displayed on this page. This list is not exhaustive and other agencies may be required for your needs.


Le Groupe Constructeur Design only uses quality products.

Euroshield ™Products

Greening the earth, one roof at a time!

Whether you are a home owner or a contractor, GCD will be happy to provide you with all Euroshield products required for your roofing projects.

Euroshield ™ Features and benefits

  • Looks Great - Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Durable - Walkable - Long Lasting
  • Environmentally Friendly Recycled Rubber
  • Extreme Hail Resistance - All Profiles UL2218 Class 4
  • Lightweight (2.2 to 3.3 lbs/sq.ft depending on profile)
  • Affordable Permanent Roofing
  • Easy to Install Panels Mean Fast Installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Potential Home owner Insurance Discount (hail/impact)/>li>
  • Quiet - Sound Deadening and Insulating Qualities
  • Adds Value to Your Home
  • Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty

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…Our new roof has made a world of difference on the insulating properties it has provided…the catacomb design of the roofing material not only provides excellent rigidity but also a high degree of insulating capability. Thank you for coming to our rescue and providing us this quality roof.